mercoledì 13 febbraio 2013

Hi guys.. Here you can find some previews of my new work. They're not the definitive mixes, 'cause I'm still working on them...but I hope you'll appreciate them anyway. Stay tuned!

Borderline (Lukes sunny & acoustic mix DEMO PREVIEW

Physical attraction (Lukes erotic fantasy mix PREVIEW)

Lucky star (Lukes starbright mix DEMO)

martedì 5 febbraio 2013

New projects: Remixers United 3. This compilation will include two remixes of mine.

Nobody knows me (Lukes RMJ PRJ SAMPLE PREVIEW)

The power of goodbye (Lukes Chillout mix)

Facebook Remixers United official page

Front cover by Spleen from Madonnafanmadecovers.

Back cover by Lukes.

Cd one
Music (Lukes puts a record on extended)

Impressive instant (Lukes extended)

Runaway lover ( Lukes speedy extended)

Nobody's perfect (Lukes perfection extended)

Amazing (Lukes interstellar extended)

Liquid love ( Lukes extended)

Little girl (demo)

Paradise (not for me) ( Lukes' paradise extended)

What it feels like for a girl (Lukes good little boy extended)

Run (demo)

Like an angel passing through my room (Lukes paradise extended)

Cd two

I deserve it ( Lukes this girl was meant for me extended)

Don't tell me (Lukes desert extended)

Gone (Lukes extended)

Cyberraga (Lukes extended)

La petite jeune fille (Lukes party extended)

Music (Lukes puts a record on extended LONG version)

American pie ( The JB's remix)

What it feels like for a girl (Lukes spanglish mix one)

What it feels like for a girl (Lukes spanglish mix two)

Club megamix (Music, American pie, Runaway lover, Impressive instant, Don't tell me, What it feels like for a girl)

Album radio advert

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Lukes Extended Collection
Collection cd 1
Collection cd 2
Collection cd 3
Back cover

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